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Whirlybird Lab

Lab Handbook - Updated November 2014 This is the current version of the lab handbook. We may update it during the semester. I'll send an email to the class if a new version becomes available.

Lab 1 - Animation in Simulink

The following are example files that you can use to learn how to do animations in Simulink.

Pendulum Animation

Spacecraft with lines

Spacecraft with vertices

Quadrotor animation

Notes on Rotation Matrices from “Robot Dynamics and Control,” by Spong and Vidyasagar, Wiley, 1989.

Video of my whirlybird animation.

Lab 2 - S-Functions in Simulink

Lab 3 - Whirlybird Simulation Model

Lab 6 - Successive Loop Closure using PID

Lab 8 - Full State Feedback

wn_roll   = 2.2/tr_roll;
alpharoll = [2*zeta_roll*wn_roll, wn_roll^2];
wn_yaw    = 2.2/tr_yaw;
alphayaw  = [2*zeta_yaw*wn_yaw, wn_yaw^2];
tmp       = conv([1,alpharoll], [1,alphayaw]);
alphalat  = tmp(2:5);
alat      = [0,0,0,0];
scriptC   = [Blat, Alat*Blat, Alat*Alat*Blat, Alat*Alat*Alat*Blat];
scriptA   = eye(4);

Klat      = (alphalat-alat)*scriptA*inv(scriptC);
krlat     = -1/(Cyaw*inv(Alat - Blat*Klat)*Blat);